Deans Cup Logo-Color

Date:  Monday, May 16, 2016

8:30 AM start time for match play
11:30 AM start time for best shot

Location:  Tournament Club of Iowa – Polk City, Iowa

This event is for all law graduates, faculty, staff and students of Drake Law School and the Iowa College of Law – of every skill level – to support their law school, and, at the same time, raise funds for Iowa Legal Aid, which provided Hope, Dignity and Justice to an estimated 43,000 Iowans in 2014, but still had to turn away or underserve at least 11,500 others.

The event includes two formats – match play and best shot. Also, a lawyer who is not a graduate of either school may also participate in the best shot format by declaring temporary allegiance to one of the two schools at the time of registration. Again in 2016, persons who wish to support Iowa Legal Aid, Drake, or the University of Iowa may make a contribution of $25 or more and will be added to the Dean’s List. Dean’s List members are invited to attend the reception after golf. The school who garners the most members of the Dean’s List will receive a one stroke advantage for one team in the best shot competition.

Over 110 lawyers and judges from around the state participated in the 2015 event. Drake, led by Captain Chief Justice Mark Cady, won the Cup from a spirited Iowa squad and its Captain Judge Eliza Ovrom. In addition to playing in the event, many alums and businesses supported the event by donating items for the silent auction, sponsoring a hole or making other contributions to the event.

The Registration fee is partially tax deductible. To sign up and secure your spot in this prestigious event, or indicate your desire to be a sponsor, click HERE.

The field is limited, so be sure to submit your registration right away!