The trial of the Three Bears v. Goldilocks took place on Wednesday November 25, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at the Kossuth County Courthouse. The four 2nd grade classes from Bryant School were in attendance. Twelve students volunteered to become Jurors in the case. Local Attorneys Ryan Buske, Conrad Meis and Stephanie Miller participated as the Judge, Counsel for Gold E Locks and The Three Bears respectively. The Bears were Papa Bear – Adam Denner, Mama Bear – Dana Haverkamp, Baby Bear – Carson Simpson and Gold E Locks – Brooke Boettcher. The children participated in jury selection, opening and closing statements of the attorneys and listened closely to the testimony of all the witnesses. The attorneys also cross-examined the witnesses. Evidence was admitted by Judge Buske including a broken chair, the bowls used by the Three Bears and a pillow with yellow hair caught in it (presumably from Ms. Gold E Locks).

The children comprising the jury were invited to the Jury room to deliberate. The Jury found Gold E Locks guilty of bad manners. There was general class discussion about what evidence the students relied upon in coming to their verdict.

The actors are students at Algona High School who volunteered for the trial. Many thanks go out to the attorneys, students and teachers for their enthusiasm and hard work.

Thanks also go out to the Kossuth County Clerk of Court who graciously set the courtroom aside for this educational experience.

Three Bears v Gold E. Locks 12-2-15-3 Three Bears v Gold E. Locks 12-2-15-1